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The EVolution of personalized training platforms. The ULTIMATE results-driven speed and accuracy advancement tool. Only the BEST for the best.

Come full circle with EV360 Ultimate TODAY.

“I wish I’d had this when I was going to school! It’s a powerful program. I’m really busy right now with work, but I can’t wait to use it every single day. The realtime portion increases speed and accuracy and makes it a fun challenge, especially when you can see the results instantly. Very user-friendly!”

- Deanna "Dee" Boenau, FAPR, RDR, CBC, CCP, CRR, CRC, 2015 National Realtime Competition Finalist

EV360 Software

EV360 is the ultimate realtime skill development solution that will enable more court reporters to earn realtime certification.

Content Packs

Enhance your EV360 Software with one of the largest speedbuilding dictation libraries. We have content for all skill levels, from student to pro.

Theory & Books

Learn methods for machine shorthand and develop the skill and proficiency to write rapidly with a high degree of accuracy through our book content.

speedbuilding and accuracy software for court reporters

Ultimate Realtime Speed Adjustment Technology. Personalized Training and Resources. The 360 Impact.

The EV360 mission is rooted in the education, support and EVolution of the court reporting industry and professional. EV360 deeply understands how critical personalized training is to aptitude advancement. Finally, a tool that works FOR YOU by providing realtime speed adjustment, additional specialized content options, community based support and resources.

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